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cettegrenouilleci 8 décembre 2020 10:20



Un article important publié ce jour sur Fort Rus News.

les dix dernières lignes devraient retenir l’attention


Regarding the situation in the US, at this time we believe it is likely that Trump will be inaugurated on January 20th, despite pressure  on the courts in the form of a west-coast secession threat being acted upon by the players involved in the Transition Integrity Project : the Council on Foreign Relations and World Economic Forum’s Nicolas Berggruen, and the DNC leadership’s John Podesta, as well as leading neoconservatives.

Regarding that, it nevertheless should be emphasized that anything can happen.

Recently, General Flynn encouraged Trump to exercise his authorities granted under the 2018 emergency declaration on election integrity and foreign interference.

We want to extend our warmest and most sincere gratitude to the readers of our publication. It is one we have dedicated more than six years to, and one that continues to strive towards accuracy, excellence, and consistency.

Unmoved and Resolute,

Joaquin Flores, Editor-in-Chief

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