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  • Robert 14 février 2012 18:37

    I appreciate your concerns about failing to identify conflicts of interest, but your criticism of me about this is misplaced. I have two comments. First, my past « financial support » from Forest consisted only of the supply of the drug citalopram for two research studies. The first study was the NIMH-funded STAR*D project [Trivedi MH, Rush AJ, Wisniewski SR, Nierenberg AA, Warden D, Ritz L, Norquist G, Howland RH, Lebowitz B, McGrath PJ, Shores-Wilson K, Biggs MM, Balasubramani GK, Fava M, STAR*D Study Team. Evaluation of outcomes with citalopram for depression using measurement-based care in STAR*D : Implications for clinical practice. American Journal of Psychiatry, 2006 ;163(1):28-40], for which Forest supplied the drug citalopram. The second study was the NIMH-funded St Johns Wort project [Rapaport MH, Nierenberg AA, Howland R, Dording C, Schettler PJ, Mischoulon D. The treatment of minor depression with St. John’s Wort or citalopram : Failure to show benefit over placebo. Journal Psychiatric Research, 2011 ;45(7):931-941], for which Forest supplied the drug citalopram and matching placebo. No other financial support from Forest was provided for these two studies, and I have never received any other type of direct or indirect financial support from Forest. Second, you provide links to abstracts of papers that I have written, but the abstracts do not fully convey my thoughts and critical analysis of the data pertaining to the topic of these papers. I would be happy to provide full-text copies of these papers and all other pertinent papers to you and other interested individuals.