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Commentaire de morice

sur Au Pakistan, un drône tue un fantôme

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morice morice 14 décembre 2009 18:04

 bon morice va nous trouver la mobylette du Mollah Omar planqué à l’aéroport de KBL et même qu’il a voyagé sur Avient pour quitter le pays !! non ... ??

ah revoilà le pousseur de palettes .... m’a pas répondu sur Avient Cameroon et son directeur avocat en sursis.... mais bon, finira bien par s’écraser un jour...

Avient is run by Andrew Smith, a former captain of the Royal Engineers, who has made a fortune from a bloody African civil war. « A United Nations report has accused Smith of organising bombing raids in the DRC on behalf of President Joseph Kabila to suppress rebel forces. It is alleged that three years ago Avient received $30,000 a month for recruiting crew from Ukraine to fly in Russian-made Antonovs behind enemy lines in 1999 and 2000. » (Observer, link above)

Amnesty International mentioned Avient in A catalogue of failures : G8 Arms Exports and Human Rights Violations : « Besides the “official” trade in weapons, there are a large number of arms traffickers and brokers willing to supply arms to warring factions across Africa. One example is the network operated by Victor Bout who, through his UAE based Air Cess Company, is reported to have delivered arms clandestinely to Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Congo and to have been paid in “conflict diamonds” mined illegally. Much of the weaponry traded originated in Russia, Central Asia and other Eastern European countries. Another example is the Zimbabwean company, Avient, with management links to the UK, which was reported to have hired Russian aircraft and air crew to support the government of Laurent Kabila in the Congo with “air drops”, and also admitted to repairing and maintaining Russian MIG fighters for the Kabila regime. »

It is not yet known if Avient was engaged in mercenary activities at the time of this crash but one should hope this event will cause authorities to investigate this operation. Bout is in jail, Smith is still free.

vous m’excuserez mais j’ai un Ill 76  4L-AWA Georgien sur le feu là.

une petite photo ? vous allez peut-être reconnaître des potes, qui sait..
p’tite vidéo ?

jolis inverseurs hein ?

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