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Commentaire de sparte

sur USA : La candidature de Rick Perry bouleverse la primaire républicaine

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sparte sparte 18 août 2011 20:57

Perry ne fait pas l’unanimité Texas mais il st dangereux ... C’est une tentative des M D M de se saisir du parti républicain, et avoir un homme dans chaque parti ...

comparaison entre PERRY et PAUL : August 18, 2011 at 12:27 pm
sur le forum : 
Perry is still quite dangerous and that is underscored by the fact that there are a lot of dumbed down voters that could latch on to his dominating and direct style.

In spite of his greasy and sinister appearance people appreciate boldness and forward thinking which he is showing by saying that he doesn’t believe in global warming. With that as a starting point, he is poised to co-opt more planks of the liberty movement. As Perry has seized the initiative in discussing such things, he appears to champion such causes and with his direct and confident delivery, he stands to draw much attention from the true patriot candidate Ron Paul.

I’ve often called for Paul to diversify his platform — he is now faced with the necessity to do so. Let’s add one more ingredient to the mix. Paul must speak with more of a direct and active voice and less so with the passive one that he often uses.

This means that Paul is more of a conversationalist while Perry is more of a salesman. Paul is also quite creative. He needs to get command over Pretender Perry. He certainly has the platform and forthrightness to do so.

pour traduire : http://fr.babelfish.yahoo.com/

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