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Commentaire de morice

sur J. Edgar de Clint Eastwood

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morice morice 13 janvier 2012 13:14

il y en a un autre sur King :


le he Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover de 1977 film par Larry Cohen


c’est supérieur.


It’s unfortunate that none of the above material will be seen in Clint Eastwood’s movie version of Hoover’s life. I certainly recommend that anyone seeing this movie also have a look at my film, “THE PRIVATE FILES OF J. EDGAR HOOVER,” which MGM is releasing on DVD and can be purchased over Amazon and MGM Archives. It presents a much more accurate and full picture of Hoover’s career and behavior and Broderick Crawford is the precise image of Hoover.

As my movie shows, they were all bad guys — the presidents, the politicians and the FBI director. There were no heroes — only ambitious men doing what was expedient. Hoover sacrificed the lives and reputations of many decent people in the interest of what he considered “the good of the nation.” It’s disgraceful and tragic –and it’s got the makings of a great movie. I have hopes that perhaps a new version of the script has been fashioned since the draft I received. But certainly my disappointment in what could have been the definitive J. Edgar Hoover movie must be expressed. And I thank you for your time and attentions in reading this — and hope that you’ll pass it on to your friends and fellow movie fans.

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