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Commentaire de aobc

sur Le FESF, l'UE et la « BANQUE-MES » : le coup final de l´esclavage des peuples, par l'endettement

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aobc 6 juin 2012 19:11

06/06/2012 The banking union

.......The European banking union is not a new legal instrument to be drafted. It is a political vision for more EU integration...

By facilitating banking sector restructuration :
Extensive financial sector conditionality has been included among the policy requirements addressed to Member States that have received international financial assistance.....

.....Further, it is recalled that the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) can provide loans to a non-programme euro area Member States for the specific purpose of recapitalising financial institutions, with the appropriate conditionality, institution-specific as well as horizontal including structural reform of the domestic financial sector......

....Specific bank restructuring under the programme goes hand in hand with the
conditionality of EU state aid rules.......

....As to the prospects of allowing the EFSF and/or the ESM to offer aid directly to banks, this is also an important issue, not in the short-term, but rather in the medium to long-term,Possibility of avoiding or breaking the link between the sovereigns and the banks may be considered as an alternative for direct bank recapitalisation, which is not part of the ESM Treaty for the moment in its present form. It should nourish reflections in the future in order to go to the roots of this current debt crisis.

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