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Commentaire de Elias

sur Manifestations : le triomphe de la terreur

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Elias (---.---.231.46) 27 mars 2006 19:58

Dear Claire,

I am happy to have been of help. The situation is quite electric, as you have seen, in the brutal responses of some of my fellow internauts.

The fact is : we are in dire need of real political changes, because the current political elites have hung on to power for far too long, with murky agendas. Moderation does not come easy to France, and it is hard to make one’s voice heard.

But we, young people have been inactive for too long, due to a mix of legislative inflation, contempt from the elites, clientelism, and consumer society gone awry.

It is time for us to take our full part in the game of democracy.

I wish for more justice, but clever politicians take advantage of this explosive social landscape to get elected, and make things worse with harder laws. While affirmative action would be of some help, we have to recreate simple equality of rights.

You cannot miss, on this forum, the incredible forays of people screaming their hatred of Islam or their xenophobia.

The battle on the CPE is a warning for us, french people. The extremes are going stronger. The real fight is not now.



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