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Commentaire de Xenozoid

sur La mise à mort légale de Monsieur Lambert se poursuit tranquillement...

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Xenozoid 10 juillet 16:42


derriere schumacher il y a un paquet de fric....la bataille royale,

qui paie pour vincent ?

et pour vous rappeleer en anglais la mort de ariel sharon :

 In May 2006, he was transferred to a long-term care facility in Sheba Medical Center. In July of that year, he was briefly taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit to be treated for bacteria in his blood, before returning to the long-term care facility on 6 November 2006. Sharon would remain at Sheba Medical Center until his death.[105][106][107] Medical experts indicated that his cognitive abilities had likely been destroyed by the stroke.[108][109][110] His condition worsened from late 2013, and Sharon suffered from renal failure on 1 January 2014.[111][112]

After spending eight years in a coma, Sharon died at 14:00 local time (12:00 UTC) on 11 January 2014.[113][114] Sharon’s state funeral was held on 13 January in accordance with Jewish burial customs, which require that interment takes place as soon after death as possible. His body lay in state in the Knesset Plaza from 12 January until the official ceremony, followed by a funeral held at the family’s ranch in the Negev Desert. Sharon was buried beside his wife, Lily.[115][116][117]

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