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morice morice 24 avril 2014 13:44

sur le crash du 747 de Dubai dont j’ai aussi parlé ici :
The investigation revived safety concerns about the effects of smoke in the cockpit. The crash also revived concerns over whether smoke hoods should be allowed in the cockpit.[20] Prior to the crash of UPS Flight 6, debate over whether manufacturers and regulators had been doing enough to prevent airborne fires had occurred.[21] Around the time of the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board had asked the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) to install automatic fire extinguisher systems in the holds of cargo aircraft. UPS Airlines followed FAA regulations, which stated that pilots should depressurize the main cabin and climb to an altitude of at least 20,000 feet (6,100 m) upon detection of a fire so as to deprive the flames of oxygen

le conseil en cas d’incendie violent : MONTER en altitude, ce que le B-777 a fait... il en pense quoi le grand spécialiste méprisant ?

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