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vicomm vs google (---.---.113.30) 7 février 2007 00:09

De l’appareil de café. Et le bon café goûte amèrement. Avec acidité. Une lutte acharnée. Youtube vs viacomm ; une entreprise australienne. Et l’ entreprise australienne vs Google.

"are you all ignorant children ? by the only adult in the house on Feb 5th, 2007 @ 5:34pm

Did you people read the original posting ? There is recourse. All the person had to do was to swear they have rights to the content under penalty of perjury (something they should not be afraid to do if they own the content).

The DMCA appears to be a little heavy handed. However, this problem wouldn’t have occurred if YouTube did not encourage the expropriation of Viacom’s property so that YouTube/Google could profit. The real battle here is between two giant companies, Viacom and Google. Viacom trying to defend its property rights and Google trying to violate them for massive profit.

The little guy who claims to be damaged when his video is taken down from YouTube is making a bogus claim. The little guy whose choses to upload his video to a free service engaged in massive property-right violations should not be surprised that he gets what he pays for"(techdirt).

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