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njama njama 19 octobre 2020 15:57

Les mini bombes nucléaires une réalité, un standard stratégique aujourd’hui

B61-12 : Un programme en débat
22 juin 2018

article paru dans DSI n°106, septembre 2014


Earth-Penetrating Capability of B61-12 Nuclear Bomb
Posted on Jan.14, 2016 in NATO, Nuclear Weapons, United States by Hans M. Kristensen director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists

... We know that the B61-12 is designed to have four selectable explosive yields : 0.3 kilotons (kt), 1.5 kt, 10 kt and 50 kt. Therefore, given the National Academies’ finding, the maximum destructive potential of the B61-12 against underground targets is equivalent to the capability of a surface-burst weapon with a yield of 750 kt to 1,250 kt...
Even at the lowest selective yield setting of only 0.3 kt, the ground-shock coupling of a B61-12 exploding a few meters underground would be equivalent to a surface-burst weapon with a yield of 4.5 kt to 7.5 kt.

... Moreover, while the B61-11 can only be delivered by the B-2 strategic bomber, the B61-12 will be integrated on virtually all nuclear-capable U.S. and NATO aircraft : B-2, LRS-B (next-generation long-range bomber), F-35A, F-16, F-15E, and PA-200 Tornado.


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