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claire hass (---.---.116.65) 27 mars 2006 18:02

To Marsupilami,

Your obscene remarks betray your miserable background and hateful attitudes.

Would you care to clarify what you mean by « F.....g religions » ? Political parties are not religions !

Reaganomics was not a religion ! Reagan was a decent man whom I respected very much. And like me he believed in God. I am Catholic, and proud of my values. I have worked since I was 14, no one gave me a penny. My ancestors came from England in 1660, (and later from Ireland and Germany), (1850), all of them were HARD WORKING men and women. I worked 5 days a week and went to night school at Columbia University, the Univ. of Maryland ( B.A.), and Johns Hopkins University (M.Ed.). I raised a family, volunteered at my children’s schools, tutored needy children, taught basic literacy in Baltimore, all the time caring for one daughter who is handicapped. But I never gave up, and the state never helped me, because I would rather jump off a bridge then ask for a dollar from the state.

I was raised to be responsible for myself.

Now I ask myself , - why did Americans die in France in 2 world wars ? Do you realize you speak French today, instead of German, because brave Americans died for you ? Or do you think it just happened by accident that you are free today ?

France today is beaten down by socialistic ideas that have gone too far, have sucked the energy and creativity out of the young.

If you cannot find a job, then create on. Sell pencils or tomatoes. Make a puppet show, go clean house for a working family, pick grapes for a winemaker, catch fish and sell them, sing on a street corner ! Use your muscles and your imagination !

Why was French civilization so respected ? Because of its once immense creativity in every sphere : philosophy, music, mathematics, science, architecture, etc.

Look in the banlieu of Paris at Vietnamese children : polite, studying, building normal lives through HARD WORK and self discipline. They are not burning cars, beating up old people, destroying shops...no, THEY ARE AT WORK !

You need to take the young who are unemployed and create a conscription again. Let them learn in the army or navy or an environmental corps to be useful. Create a Peace Corps which sends French youth to former French speaking colonies in Africa to build schools and hospitals and water purification systems.Then they will return and feel privileged to reside in such a great country as France.

Please give PM de Villepin a reasonable chance : his idea is a good one, so stop screaming and degrading yourselves and hurting further the economy with strikes.

Shall the governemnt of France kneel on the ground in front of a gang of imbeciles ? Capitulate to parasites ?I hope not !

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