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claire hass (---.---.116.65) 27 mars 2006 18:40

No, I will not « stay in my own country » because I love very much France. I travel there often. It just saddens me to see this present situation.

Your hostile and self-serving remarks only paint a portrait of you as a misguided soul.When the brain is empty one resorts to insults.

I do not think for a moment that 60 million French speak with one voice. Several generations have been brainwashed in the schools by socialist teachers, so they think they deserve a welfare state and a guaranteed job.

This mentality takes from each human being his vitality, his courage, his imagination, his competitiveness, and his moral responsibility.

It is ridiculous to believe the "state’ exists to take care of you. You must struggle like each creature on the planet and make your own future !

The state owes you nothing !

But you have been given the gift of life !

Roll up your sleeves and work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop throwing a tantrum like a spoiled child in a toy store !

And show respect for the police,- they protect the nation ! They die for you in the course of their work.

What have you ever done for your country ? Please tell me one contribution you have made to France ?

Or is it only a one-way street : the state gives to you ?

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