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How to Choose the Best Twin Platform Bed With Storage No Headboard

Twin platform beds fit in small rooms as they are not comprehensive and are used mainly by children and young adults. A twin platform bed with storage is a plus for you if you have space issues in your home. No matter what, you will find the need for extra storage space because it is human nature to purchase more things day by day.

Get a twin platform bed with storage for your guest bedroom or your child's room, and you will be awed by how much space this bed can conserve. Below is a review of a few twin platform beds that will help you choose the right style and

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1. Jainie Twin Platform Bed With Storage

Crafted from quality natural pine wood, the Jainie twin platform bed is one of the few beds in the market that combines style, comfort, and affordability in one package. These three elements are crucial when purchasing a new bed and if you get all three at once, count yourself lucky.

The platform bed is made using a solid material ; thus, you are assured of getting a sturdy bed, which means no squeaking sounds whenever you move in the bed. The material is also durable ; hence will last you a long time. Being a platform bed, Jainie twin platform bed comes with added advantages. You will use less cash with this bed as it requires no box spring. This also means that you can use the bed with any mattress type as long as it is a twin-size mattress.

There is no headboard or footboard on this platform bed, but that should not be a cause of worry for you. The beauty brought about by the Jainie twin platform bed is extraordinary. Moreover, the bed is a solid structure with plywood strips and railings, front panel, side of PB drawer, bottom of MDF drawer, and end panel of bed. You can access the two drawers built-in the bed from any side.

2. Olney Twin Storage Platform Bed

The Olney twin storage bed is not an ordinary bed that is easy to come by. For starters, it is crafted using manufactured wood and given a matte white finish. These two features make the bed sophisticated and appealing ; this will change the look in your child's bedroom.

It is always advised to train children to be organized from an early age, so when they grow up, they become responsible. Getting this bed for your kid will help them manage their room better as they will keep items like toys in the side drawers.

This bed entails two side drawers that you can draw from either side of the bed. This is the best technique of using the space under your bed and, at the same time, keeping the house organized. The platform bed occupies minimum space hence can fit in most rooms.

You do not need to purchase a box spring with this bed as the platform bed has a slat system that works as well as a box spring. To assemble the bed, you require two adults, and if you follow the instructions in the manual, you will be done in less than an hour. Olney twin size platform bed  has no headboard nor footboard but still manages to be a center of attraction in the bedroom due to the professionalism it depicts.

3. Legrand Storage Twin Platform Bed

The Legrand storage twin platform bed is crafted from plywood and is the perfect definition of clean-lined contemporary style and effortless versatility. This bed is often underrated as most people have not experienced the magic that comes along with the bed.

Different people purchase different beds for different needs. For instance, if your main purpose is to get a bed that offers comfort and conserves space, the Legrand perfectly suits you. The platform bed has two interior drawers that you can access from either side of the bed. Use the extra space to store your child's toys or extra bedding.

The bed gives the room a chic foundation, especially if placed in the middle of the room. You can also accompany the bed with two nightstands that match the bed color, which in this case is black. This bed has no headboard, so if you love to watch television while in bed, you might find it quite uncomfortable to rest your back on a bare wall.

Decorate the bed with throw pillows, and you will be amazed by the elegance brought about by the bed. The bed does not require installing a box spring as it has a slatted base where you will place the mattress. Once you have set the mattress on the bed, you will realize a tiny space left, although it all depends on the type of mattress.

4. Solid Wood Storage Twin Platform Bed

As the name suggests, this bed is crafted using solid wood and has a pallet-like design that makes it unique. This platform bed is suitable for a traditional kind of theme as the solid wood gives country vibes. Moreover, the platform bed showcases a streamlined silhouette with a minimalist look that is sure to blend in with your décor.

With the two rolling drawers accessible from both sides, you will get extra storage space, which will help keep the house organized. You can use the Solid Platform Bed with any type of mattress, and no box spring is required. For those who understand style, this bed is the best deal you can get for such quality and elegance.

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Twin size platform beds are the ultimate space conservers in a bedroom as they occupy minimum space. Getting yourself a twin platform bed with storage is even better and of more benefit. The reviews given above in the article will help you choose the right bed that matches your décor and fits your budget. Remember to check for all the qualities you want in a bed and do not compromise the quality for anything.

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