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  • lololo 26 septembre 2016 15:51


    Je demandais à Meier son opinion sur les élections américaines à venir.

    Tu sais, je crois - c’est mon opinion personnelle - que si Clinton remporte l’élection, Hilary Clinton, alors le diable est lâché, tout comme avec Bush et ainsi de suite.
    Elle est partisan de la peine de mort.
    Ce sera alors tout aussi mauvais en Amérique qu’avec Bush.
    Et je pense que si Trump gagne, ce sera tout aussi stupide.
    Je pense qu’ils forment un couple de personnes totalement inaptes à la présidence.

    Alors vous voyez les deux guerres civiles se produire en Amérique ?

    Oui oui. Tu sais, cela va... dévaster toute l’Amérique.

    En 1981, Billy Meier a publié la première version, une version partielle des prophéties d’Hénoch.
    La version complète a été publiée en 1987.
    Et c’est dans les prophéties d’Hénoch, qu’on peut trouver la mise en garde au sujet de deux guerres civiles s’abattant sur l’Amérique :
    L’Amérique se brisera en cinq différents territoires après le déroulement de ces guerres,

    les guerres étant le produit de la loi de cause à effet qui se manifeste.

    La politique des États-Unis, les divers types de polarisations qui ont pris place, en polarisant les gens économiquement, culturellement, religieusement, racialement, de toutes les manières, ont provoqué cela parce que nous avons ignoré cette très, très importante loi de cause à effet.

    Par conséquent, nous pouvons aussi prendre en considération qu’il fut dit à Meier pour la première fois en 1975 que vers 2020, notre pays va probablement se disloquer, ne sera plus une superpuissance.

    Alors, nous pourrions voir les guerres civiles se dérouler à ce moment-là ou commençant à se produire autour de ce moment.

  • lololo 26 septembre 2016 15:49

    Les attaques « terroristes » ont été prévues il y a plusieurs années par BIlly Meier, ainsi qu’aux Etats-Unis, une destruction totale :

  • lololo 29 août 2016 15:56

    Cette affaire fut annoncée au lieutenant colonel Wendelle Stevens avant que cela ne se produise.
    Monsieur Fortin, vous qui cherchez la VERITE spirituelle au-delà des religions, je vous invite à regarder du côté du talmud de Jmmanuel des fois que cela vous intéresserait.




  • lololo 29 juillet 2016 15:06

    Billy :

    Then I can already imagine what will come. First, the Americans will cry out and will try to undermine or boycott the Olympic Games in Russia. Then soon, a wide variety of America-friendly countries will unanimously join in in this wolf-howling and will enforce a worldwide Olympic boycott, and with certainty, also approximately at least 50% of the Swiss population will be involved in this indelicate dance because most Swiss, in truth, never behave neutrally and pursue the dirtiest politics, of which they don’t have the slightest notion, however. But maybe it’s good that this will happen because through this, then, the world public will one day understand and clearly learn whose brainchild a large mass of the Swiss people really is and, above all, where the much vaunted neutrality lies and how far this reaches. Ah, that really is a dirty swine business, I think, and to be sure, both this phony neutrality of many Swiss and, on the other hand, that such a dirty intrigue of an Olympic boycott can ever take place at all, that politics ever interfere in these competitive games at all. That contradicts, in every form, the original ideas, wishes, and conditions of the founder of the games as well as the old, traditional, sincere efforts of all those human beings who have participated in these games for nearly three millennia in a peaceful and condition-fulfilling form. That really is a rather damned and dirty mess, and those who cook up this mess are just as hopeless swines as those who support this. I would like to have said that with an absolutely neutral opinion and in regard of the fact that I regard the conditions - in terms of peace, peacemaking, and everything associated with it - of the founder of the Olympic competitions as probably the most admirable accomplishment ever of an Earth human being. But what’s the use of this, if some swines - who still call themselves Earth human beings - make this probably best idea and accomplishment of a far-thinking and peace-loving human being simply unscrupulous, just so that they can prove their power through this and likewise hide their dirty anxiety as well as their absolute inability to govern and to make the right decisions that would finally create a global peace ? But these fellows neither have any idea of how to lead a humanity nor a clue about leading a single people, not to mention that they should feel bound to a promise that their original forefathers made and swore : to create peace on the Earth at last. Oh damn it - how damn dirty these swines must really be - oh damn it, damn…

    Semjase :

    130. You are extremely excited.

    Billy :

    How should I not be ? Damn it again. What do the Olympic Games have to do with all the shit-politics ? Nothing, nothing at all. Quite the contrary, they should be such a work, that through them, peace becomes made and peace becomes maintained between the Earth human beings, without even a single word of shit-politics being dragged in at the same time.

    Semjase :

    131. Sure, your words correspond to the deepest truth, and also all your statements about all the concerns are no less laden with truth.

    132. But you shouldn’t excite yourself because of that but rather act at the given point in time.

    Billy :

    I will, and I certainly won’t let on about anything up to then. When should I go at it, then ?

    Semjase :

    133. In the first or second week of February, 1980.

    Billy :

    I will do that. Damn it again ; I’m really neutral, but nevertheless, one truly has to intervene there.

    Semjase :

    134. Sure, and you have thereby saved me many words, if I would have had to explain everything to you.

    135. But you will still continue to retain your neutrality, even when you will make these things clear at the given point in time.

    136. You represent, singly and alone, the facts of actuality, without actuating yourself politically.

    137. Thus, no reasonably thinking human being will be able to accuse you of a breach of neutrality.

    138. Only, when you do your work, you have to appeal, singly and alone, to the facts of actuality.

    Billy :

    I will certainly do that, and I won’t interfere in political matters ; that just isn’t me. For me, Russia is Russia and America is America, or China is China and Switzerland is Switzerland. And every single human being in one of these or in any other country of the Earth is just a human being to me. To me, no one is a Swiss, a Russian, an American, Chinese, German or anything else that could refer to a nationality, because to me, everyone is only a human being.

    Semjase :

    139. Sure, I know that very well, also that you actually think and act in such a way, and precisely this also gives us the certainty that you will do this difficult upcoming work in the right manner.

    Billy :

    While I am honored by your confidence, girl, nevertheless, I still find this earthly shit-politics to be the most terrible earthly shit. Unfortunately, I cannot express that differently.


  • lololo 29 juillet 2016 15:06

    124. But now, I would like to tell you the other interestsand still ask you whether you have also made calculations concerning the Olympic Games in the year 1980, part of which is to be held in Russia ?

    Billy :

    No, why ? Should I have done that ?

    Semjase :

    125. No, it just would have been interesting for you, and moreover, I could have saved myself some explanations.

    Billy :

    No, I haven’t dealt with that. I wouldn’t have known why I should have done that. These games are, after all, not of so much importance that they could have a determining influence on the upcoming world situation, right ? The Olympics are, after all, a non-political affair and were also brought into life in this form. To my knowledge, if I am not mistaken, the founder of the Olympic Games was named Pelepon, a distant descendant of a Minoan philosopher, who, in the year 468 B.C., called these games into life, and he regulated the fact that games take place every four years in a sporting fashion with fist fights, horseback riding and horseback riding games, with long-distance running, armed sports fights, with speakers, poets, philosophers, and artists of all types. Even a sort of Pentathlon was already brought into life by him. His condition at the founding of the Olympic Games was that at these competitions, members of all Hellenic tribes and Minoans should meet together uniformly and peacefully, as well as inhabitants of other lands, by what means a peaceful coexistence should be created and a true peace should be developed. Furthermore, his condition was that political disagreements or even acts of war between various States involved in these games and competitions should never be a reason for these States or their athletes, etc. not to participate in these peaceful competitions. His condition singly came from the fact that the Olympic Games may never be used as a means for political pressure or otherwise as some other peace-interfering means.

    Semjase :

    126. Your remarks regarding these matters are astonishingly exact, but in one respect, you are very mistaken.

    127. The Olympic Games have, unfortunately, already been caught in the wheels of the politics of the earthly governments for many decades, and this will be openly expressed to the world for the first time in the year 1980.

    Billy :

    That is just unreal ! Is it because of the fact that the invasion of the Russian army will take place at the end of 1979 ?

    Semjase :

    128. You are very clever and think very quickly.

    129. Sure, that will be the reason.