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Commentaire de Le Gaïagénaire

sur Lettre ouverte au pape François

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Le Gaïagénaire 11 août 2019 21:33

@lloreen 11 août 11:49


« Johnno
 on June 14, 2019  · at 2:30 pm EST/EDT

Having looked into it, the problem is hardly anything like pedophilia, though there are a few cases.

It is ephebophilia – a homosexual predation of mainly post-pubscent men.

Very few women, girls or little boys. But rather teen to adult men – a lot of seminarians.

The gay lobby in the Church would dearly like for you to be distracted by pedophilia, and they’ve campaigned well to make certain that vast majority 70%+ cases of abuse go overlooked as they are homosexual and adult in nature. »


« That’s the game being played here. And why Francis is so concerned to keep anyone from investigating the bishops, other than the bishops investigating themselves, because he and all his crony friends are the ones involved, and have put themselves in place precisely to keep the lid on things while distracting you with claims that it’s just a paedophilia problem and that on paper they are dealing with ‘the paedophiles,’ while ignoring the adult homosexual abuse which is the overwhelming majority – of bishops screwing seminarians, of running a fraudulent Green Card operation to get gay adults and teems into the USA as seminarians but who are in reality prostitutes, while using parish and archdiocese funds for gay strippers, prostitutes and drugs, and other lavish personal expenses as befitting a secret gay underground lifestyle. »

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