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Commentaire de JPCiron

sur 9/11 : Les enregistrements sismiques dévoilent des signatures EXPLOSIVES pour WTC1, WTC2, et WTC7

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JPCiron JPCiron 17 septembre 10:27

@agent ananas

Bonjour agent ananas,
Peut-être s’agit-il de ces opérations ?

GT0 data and records for 13 explosions were collected in May-June 1998 during a joint experiment of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the US Army Corps of Engineers at the Sayarim military range (Gitterman et al., 2001). The pointlike single charges in the range 215-2200 kg of different configurations and explosive composition (TNT, ANFO and Khanit) were detonated on the ground surface (Lat 29.9378ºN, Lon. 34.8185ºE). A similar explosion series of half-spherical charges at about the same site (Lat. 29.95429ºN, Lon. 34.82911ºE) was conducted in October 2003. We collected data for three shots (Figure 1, Table 1). A significant feature of all the shots was that the charges consisted of pure explosives of exactly known weight.


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