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Commentaire de Marsupilami

sur Manifestations : le triomphe de la terreur

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Marsupilami (---.---.54.51) 27 mars 2006 18:59

OK Claire,

I’ll try to make a puppet show (but I’ve got another job, and some other more interesting things to do). I’ll try my best. « This land is your land, this land is my land », a.s.o.. And I tell you, I’m gonna try to belive in Jesus, and I’m gonna try to be touched by the Holy Insivible Hand of the Magic Mall.

And whenever you come in Paris with your SOOOO interestting thinkings, go get fucked.

Anyway I don’t live in Paris (but I love Paris, Texas). So I won’t meet you SOOOOOOOONNNN.

See you later, Alligator.

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